Commercial Building Inspections
A Well-built Client Base

GPI prides itself on a growing list of both new and repeat satisfied clients who continually turn to GPI for assistance and expertise regarding their commercial property.

Our clients include the following: 

  • Investors. GPI inspectors perform prepurchase and property condition assessments.
  • Corporations and owner-occupants: GPI inspectors perform maintenance and prepurchase inspections
  • Real-estate investment managers and trusts: GPI inspectors perform third-party documentation reports
  • Owners with tenants leasing buildings: GPI inspectors perform maintenance inspections to document deferred maintenance issues
  • Commercial lenders: GPI inspectors perform draw/progress inspections on new construction or major remodeling projects for lenders on commercial and single-family or multifamily residential property
  • Banks, lenders and bank trust departments: GPI inspectors verify business activity or occupancy at a property or the condition of the property; verify assets/inventory for floor-planning lenders
  • Insurance companies: GPI inspectors verify repairs after claims or for underwriting of coverage
  • Property management companies: GPI inspectors determine the condition of properties under management or tenant care
  • Tenants — local and national: GPI inspectors document current condition for pre- and exit-lease inspections; perform maintenance inspections; verify condition prior to occupancy; protect a tenant’s security deposit for a triple-net lease
  • Attorneys: GPI inpsectors perform inspections on behalf of attorneys' clients.
  • Commercial mortgage companies: GPI inpsectors document building occupancy/use/condition.
  • Architects, engineers and construction project managers: NPI provides measurement and location of HVAC ducts and drain lines, as well as the width, height and depth of interior areas, windows, doors and more. NPI provides architects, engineers and construction project managers with details about a building's space prior to designing a build-out. These comprehensive site surveys save architects and engineers unnecessary site visits and expense.
  • Retailers: NPI will inspect the retail store before you build out or occupy, especially the condition of the roof and HVAC system. You don't want to be responsible for maintenance and repair of an out-of-date system or move into a retail space with a leaky roof.